3 Dancers, 4 Chairs, 26 Words (2009)

50 minutes
Choreographed by Aynsley Vandenbroucke with the performers
Performed by Djamila Moore, K. Tanzer, and Kristen Warnick
Lighting Design by Nelson R. Downend, Jr.
Costumes by Liz Sargent
Videography by Jenny Holub
(premiered and filmed at CPR- Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY )

Formal and stark, 3 Dancers, 4 Chairs, 26 Words unravels the language of movement, symbols and words. Growing out of just 26 words, the piece asks if a dance with text can retain the open and direct nature of pure movement. Can words be abstract? How do choreographic structures change sentences and sounds? How does grammar affect movement? How do words move? Finally, what are those aspects of human experience that cannot be pinned down and named?