After Fall (2002)

35 minutes
Choreographed by Aynsley Vandenbroucke with the performers.
This duet performed by Liza Domnitz and Dawn Springer.
Entire piece performed by Caroline Adams, Kim Craigie, Liza Domnitz, Cheri Paige Fogleman, Janice Lancaster, Djamila Moore, Dawn Springer, and Molly Wilson.
Music by Ensemble Venance Fortunat and Schola Cantorum Coloniensis.
Lighting by Nelson R. Downend, Jr.
Costumes by Naoko Nagata.
Videography by Jenny Holub
(filmed at Lincoln Center Institute’s Clark Studio Theater, NYC)
Link to another video clip here.

After Fall is a quiet and contemplative piece that grew out of the time surrounding September 2001. The movement is understated, panning between intimate duets and sculptural ensemble work. Exploring resilience, subtlety, and the relationships between religion and dance, it is a piece that invites the audience into introspection and silence.