Semester-long course taught at Princeton University.

Course Description:
Designed for students with some previous experience in dance, this composition course is combined with your technique course in order to simultaneously explore the creative, analytical, historical, and technical aspects of dance, recognizing that a creative approach to any field requires an integrated and intelligent mind and body.  This Friday class will include short warm –up movement explorations related to our studies as well as a lab atmosphere of creative inquiry.  Students will develop a range of tools for creative problem solving in general, and choreography in particular.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, students will be able to:

Move, create, watch, and discuss movement with confidence, creativity, and clarity.

Go into a studio alone and work creatively with freedom, ease, and a toolbag full of possibilities.

Face the inevitable fear and unknowing of creativity with calm acknowledgement, and work anyways.

Have a taste of the breadth of the contemporary dance field, possible directions for your own work and further viewing.

Apply tools from this class to other fields.