semester long course at Princeton University

In this studio course open to all, we’ll ramble in the unknown searching for embodied philosophy, thinking art-making, and clarity that’s open for revision. As is fitting for our subject, we’ll ask many questions. Is uncertainty a requirement for truly creative processes? In cultural and creative times of uncertainty, how do we find our centers and is that even a goal? What tools can dance, somatic, and artistic practices offer for existing within uncertainty? Can uncertainty help us understand others? What are the ethical implications of uncertainty in life and art? We’ll move, read, and create together, design substantial final projects.

Readings include:
Lyn Hejinian, The Rejection of Closure
Ann Snitow, The Feminism of Uncertainty: A Gender Diary
Tariq Ramadan, The Problems of Being Called a Muslim Intellectual
Merce Cunningham, Space, Time and Dance
bell hooks, Postmodern Blackness
John Dewey, A Study of the Relation of Knowledge and Action