What is Laban Movement Analysis?

Aynsley’s teaching is heavily influenced by Laban Movement Analysis. So what exactly is it?

LMA is a system for observing, describing, notating, and delving deeply into movement. First developed by Rudolf Laban in the early 1900s and best known for its notation system, it has continued to be deepened by anthropologists, choreographers, actors, physical therapists, psychologists, dancers, and political consultants, among others. Choreographers Mary Wigman, Kurt Jooss, Hanya Holm, Pina Bausch, and William Forsythe descend from Laban’s work as did Robert Ellis Dunn, the influential teacher who helped birth Judson Dance Theater.  A holistic system, LMA recognizes that the way we move both reflects and influences the way we live our lives. It is used to strengthen and clarify the work of professional movers (athletes, dancers) and is also used to offer insight and movement choices to people in their daily lives.